Different types and patterns of Womens golf Shoes

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Golf playing needs a lot of walking around on the course with different terrains to put the ball into the designated holes. Golf shoes are the most important golf gear that a player needs to possess as they are labeled as game improvement tools. The golf shoes are designed exclusively for the game to enable the players to stay comfortable when playing the game. A good and comfortable pair of golf shoes will allow you to enjoy the sport in a pleasant way. Today golf shoes are available for both men and women. With the changing times and personal preferences golf enthusiasts especially women no longer buy unisex shoes for playing the game. Womens golf shoes are available in different types, patterns, and material making the selection a daunting task. Choosing the right pair of shoes from various types available on the market is a tedious job and needs careful consideration of different factors to take an educated decision. Brand, price, and type of golf shoes are three important things that you need to consider when looking to purchase womens golf shoes. These are few important points that we have discussed below can helps you in order to make your selection job easy.

Spiked Golf Shoes:

The spiked shoe is the most popular type of golf shoes available for women as these provide grip, comfort, and breath-ability to your feet. These shoes are water-resistant and are known for their durability. However, these types of shoe cause noticeable damage to the golf course. There are again different types of spiked golf shoes which include light weight spiked shoe, shoes with metal spikes and soft spike shoes. Spiked ladies golf shoes are ideal for serious players that play the sport regularly. These shoes are known for their stability when the club is swung. Finding right pair depends on personal choice and preference and what exactly you are expecting the shoe to offer.

Spike-less shoes:

Spike-less golf shoe is a kind of recent development in the field of sports.Traditionally only spiked shoe that is made of leather is used for playing golf. Spike-less ladies golf shoes are stylish in looks and yet offer great comfort for players when playing the game. These golf shoes for women feature either rubber soles or dimpled soles which replace the solid spikes making them perfect for a game. Today these ladies shoes are used even by professionals for style and comfort reasons. The rubber sole technology employed in the making of these shoes eases the inability to replace the worn-out spikes. However, the spike-less shoes offer less stability and grip when compared to traditionally spiked shoes.

Golf Boot and Golf sandals:

Golf boots are designed exclusively for winter tournaments to keep your warm while offering excellent traction. However, these boots do not provide much room for the movement of the feet.The shoe is made of thick waterproof material making it little more expensive when compared to other types.

There are golf sandals available for women which can use in summers for playing the game. Nevertheless, this footwear will not be comfortable for games which involve a lot of walking on the ground. Ladies golf shoes require proper caring irrespective of the type of the shoe and the amount invested in the shoe to make them last long.

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